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Taxi Cab Fares in the Rain

“Life is like a taxi.┬áThe meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still.” —Lou Erickson

My sister lives in Washington D.C., and she usually walks everywhere when she needs to go places. However, the other day, it was raining, and she decided to take a taxi. She somehow got a taxi and when they began heading towards her destination, the cab driver asked if they could pick up some more people because of the downpour. My sister had time and said of course.

So, the cab picked up a couple and they were heading towards the airport. They were nice people, but they became even nicer when the cab dropped them off at the airport and the couple decided to pay for my sister’s cab fare.

My sister thanked them profusely and she was soon dropped off at her destination… Free of charge.

When she told me this story, I realized that this was a very menschy thing to do. Both my sister and the couple. First, my sister realized that she had time to pick up more people and allowed people to get out of the rain, and second, the couple realized my sister’s kindness and paid for her cab fare.

So, if you’re ever caught in rain, and get in a cab, and the driver wants to pick up more people, ask yourself: What would a mensch do?

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